sobota 13. února 2016

I'm feeling melancholic now. And that is not what I'm used to. We had a concert today. Big place, only few people there, but it was good. Yeah, we play bad really often, because we don't practice a lot, but today it was good. I played the drumms, I played the guitar, i sang some songs with Vilma, but then the other band came on stage. And it was normal, we playd with them before, so it was the same. My friends left for some food and they left me there...alone...and I started thinking about me, about our band, about future and about my past and this melancholic shit came. So I decided to refuse going to party with friends and now I'm at home, sitting in bed with a bottle of wine, beeing jealouse for the girls partying outside. And I really wanted to send them some ugly SMS, depressing and so, but than I realised that it's bad and I don't wanna be a bitch. And it's also my fault that I'm home alone. But my parent's too! They told me not to go anywhere and to go home with them. So for the first time I listened to them and did what they asked me to.
Wow. Oh me. Oh the guilt. Cheers to all you drinking loosers!

pátek 20. března 2015

Popadne mě to skoro každý rok, psát si deníček, nebo blog. A zatim vždycky nadšení rychle opadlo :/
Ale teď to určitě vyjde!!!
Takže sem budu poustovat spoustu hudby, obrázků, dalších obrázků a článků a vůbec všeho, co nikoho nezajímá! (jupí)

Well, now I realised that there could be maybe also someone who isn't Czech and want's to read my awesome blog.
So here you go, guys! (My shitty translation to English)

It happens almost every year, I wanna write my diary or blog. And it always went away ery quickly. :/
But now, it's going to work. Believe me!
I will upload a lot of my favourite music, pictures, more pictures, some interesting articles and everything that no one cares about! (woohoo)

pondělí 2. února 2015

What next...well to be honest, I don't believe that someone will actually read my blog, so let's play with fire and post something more intimite for me. When I was younger (about 12 or 13), I had some kind of a board, where I sticked photos of my favourite boys (sweet, isn't it?) and I looked and talked to them every day. Well, I have some of their photos still in my laptop and I also have here some photos of real nowadays loves! Let's post these handsomes here!


sobota 31. ledna 2015

I was working really hard to find out how to make that articles are shown in reverse order. Like the oldest one is on the top. Seems to me logical, if you are writing a diary or blog...
Well, I didn't figure it out, so I'll need to rewrite the date every time I want to post something...Yay!

pátek 30. ledna 2015

Now, as I promised, here are my guys <3 like real idols for me. Maybe it'll need some comment, so you understand

This is Dave. He went to dancing classes with my sister. It was only platonic love (:P) but he really deserved his place on my board. :D
I mean the guy on the right, with blond dreadlocks. I've met him on a party after prom ball and we talked almost all night and realised that we have a lot in common...


There was also an image for a while, but i deleted it, because I'm afraid. There could become some probems because of his image on my page. So sorry for this rubbish, if you are really interested, you can contact me here:

Well, this guy might look like a weirdo, or something, but he charmed me with his music and big charisma. I actually had a quite serious relationship with him, but almost nobody knows. So SHHH!
Hey, I've forgotten one celebrity! I think that there isn't a woman, who doesn't love Harvey. Look at him! Everybody loves Harvey! (I'll leave him in this list, because in my dreams he is real and he is my husband - omg how bad stupid and silly that sounds? :D I am forever alone :( )

There were many other boys, but I'm not gonna post them now. Let's wait till next time I remember that I have a blog ;) See ya!