sobota 13. února 2016

I'm feeling melancholic now. And that is not what I'm used to. We had a concert today. Big place, only few people there, but it was good. Yeah, we play bad really often, because we don't practice a lot, but today it was good. I played the drumms, I played the guitar, i sang some songs with Vilma, but then the other band came on stage. And it was normal, we playd with them before, so it was the same. My friends left for some food and they left me there...alone...and I started thinking about me, about our band, about future and about my past and this melancholic shit came. So I decided to refuse going to party with friends and now I'm at home, sitting in bed with a bottle of wine, beeing jealouse for the girls partying outside. And I really wanted to send them some ugly SMS, depressing and so, but than I realised that it's bad and I don't wanna be a bitch. And it's also my fault that I'm home alone. But my parent's too! They told me not to go anywhere and to go home with them. So for the first time I listened to them and did what they asked me to.
Wow. Oh me. Oh the guilt. Cheers to all you drinking loosers!